WCA 11th Worldwide Conference – Singapore

KTS is exhibiting at the WCA 11th Worldwide Conference in Singapore, 18-22 February, 2019

Exotic Luxury Vehicle Transportation

KTS was signed as the Official Logistics Partner for the Autoworks Show at the Mishref Exhibition Ground, Kuwait from 17th January 2019 till 19th January 2019.

Being a successful day at the event, KTS showcased one out of many of their excellent product; namely EXOTIC LUXURY VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION (ELVT) (Instagram Link). Our booth situated in the heart of the exhibition attracted attention from major dignitaries, VIP, Celebrities and walk-in customers!

We are pleased to launch some of the exuberant images captured during the event for your viewing pleasure.




Let your cars move the KTS way ………

KTS turns 40!

Kuwait City, Kuwait – As KTS marks 40 years anniversary of operations, it clearly displays the company’s perseverance throughout Kuwait’s turbulent history, reconstruction and growth period with an undisputed support to the important shipping & logistics industry in Kuwait. Over four decades, after the inauguration of the KTS office in Kuwait with just a handful of staff, KTS has grown to become a major player that is dedicated to providing a professional range of integrated shipping and logistics services, playing a key role in Kuwait’s sea container, break-bulk, and project shipping as well as in the RoRo segment for the automotive/machinery industry and in the logistics sector for transportation, oil & gas and infrastructure projects.
Johannes Ericson, General Manager of KTS notes that the company’s vast product portfolio of shipping and logistics services is there to adapt to its customers’ requirements and to support them to achieve efficiency and maintain flexibility to the ever changing market conditions. KTS will continue to invest and innovate in solutions to improve efficiency and add value to our principals and customers, while keeping a fast and steady pace, enabling KTS to stay ahead of today’s rapidly changing business environment. 40 years is a remarkable milestone to reach for any organization and we look forward to being here in another 40 years and more, with the support and mutual success from our valuable principals, customers, employees, business partners and vendors.
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KTS 40th anniversary and family day

On 24th November 2017, KTS celebrated its 40th anniversary since opening in Kuwait. This year, we are celebrating four decades of success since the company was first established in Kuwait. Employees and their families celebrated with a fun-packed day out, full of activities, delicious food and snacks suitable for all ages. Here are a few snapshots from a fun and happy day!



Updates to KTS Kuwait’s Policies

As part of KTS Kuwait’s strict adherence to all compliance policies and ongoing commitment to our Customers, suppliers, partners and employees we’re updating some of our policies.

The changes bring our policies in line with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on 25th May 2018, and provides additional clarity regarding how we collect, store and process your information.

What this means for you:

  • More control and protection over your data
  • For newsletter subscribers, you can adjust your permission and privacy settings anytime
  • Standardisation of the European data protection

We care deeply for all our Customers, suppliers, partners and employees, and we trust that these updates demonstrate KTS Kuwait’s commitment to protecting your privacy and respecting your data. For enquiries about our GDPR efforts, please email: gdpr@ktskwt.com